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Property Management Services

Some of the many services we provide our investors include:
Choice of electronic payment or physical check
Statements by email and online access to your account
Payment of mortgage and HOA dues from your investors account
Assistance with property tax protests
Advice on new purchases and investments
Representation as your Realtor in sales and purchase transactions at your option
Guidance when you are ready to branch into multi-family
24/7 emergency maintenance

Our View

As real estate investors and owners, you need to leverage the time and talents of a top notch team so that you can focus on your own career and/or focus on growing your real estate portfolio. Take it from us and our own experience. We own property about 4 hours from Austin and we hire a local property management firm to operate it for us because the distance and time required to do it ourselves is simply impractical!

Here are just a few of the many benefits for investors hiring a property management firm and some of the cost savings you will realize:

  • Resources, education and information from our memberships and involvement in several real estate organizations like Austin Board of Realtors, Austin Apartment Association, National Association of Residential Property Managers, and various local real estate investors clubs. To access this same knowledge base you would have to spend hundreds of hours a year in time and several thousand dollars in dues.
  • Marketing: Our marketing systems and resources get your property in front of thousands of potential residents through the local MLS, Realtor.com, local apartment locating firms and syndicated to over a dozen different real estate leasing websites. Add to that exposure the cost of signage, lockboxes, and your time to execute on all those tasks. The benefits for investors are easy to understand.
  • Software: Because of our size, we are able to give you access to state-of-the-art property management software that allows residents to pay rent online, submit maintenance requests online, and check their accounts in real time. Investors/owners can also receive their payments electronically and access their accounts through our owners portal. This level of technology would cost individual owner operators hundreds of dollars a year and still not have equal capabilities.
  • 24 hour emergency maintenance: A member of our staff is on call 24/7 to answer, assess and respond to emergency maintenance issues that may arise in the middle of the night. How can you put a price on peaceful sleep?
  • Record keeping: This may be the most overlooked, underappreciated part of what we do for you. When April 15 rolls around, do you enjoy going through receipts, checkbook registers and mileage logs or would you rather just have us send you a year end statement? Oh, and how about filing copies of all that stuff for future reference…we can do that for you too!
  • Contracts and forms: Contrary to popular belief, not all leases are created equal. Property codes and laws vary from state to state and even from city to city, so leases, forms and procedures from office supply stores or national websites can get you in trouble. We use contracts and forms written by attorneys from the Texas Real Estate Commission, Texas Association of Realtors and the Texas Apartment Association. Your guess is as good as ours for how much an attorney would charge you to create all those documents, but we can be pretty confident it would be more than you would want to pay.

Our Technology

Investing in Leading Technology

We have invested in a web-based property management and accounting software from AppFolio so our experienced team can manage your properties with the highest level of service. Our software not only provides great benefits to our office but we are also able to share many of these benefits with our investors.

  • Respond more quickly and offer excellent service to both owners and residents:
    At any time and from anywhere, we are able to securely access data about all properties. Sensitive records are safely stored in a state-of-the-art data center which is automatically and routinely backed up.
  • Save time and paper by using email to send monthly owner statements:
    The statements are organized in a concise and easy-to-read format that details the performance of your property for the previous month. We can also post these monthly statements on a secure Owners Portal.
  • Process and respond to maintenance requests more quickly:
    We can quickly resolve issues by accessing vendor information and using electronic work orders for more efficient communication. All records are stored for future access.
  • Pay you even faster every month:
    Deposits can go directly into your bank account using ACH (electronic payments).
  • Market your properties in more locations across the Internet, filling vacancies much faster:
    Our integrated system lets us professionally advertise your properties on our company website, Craigslist, and other Internet locations.
  • Prospective residents can apply online with the click of a button:
    Online applications are integrated with all vacancy postings. This means we avoid paper applications, saving lots of time and ultimately filling vacancies more quickly.
  • Residents can avoid sending rent checks by paying their rent online:
    We avoid the time and expense of managing rent checks each month and this is a great value-add service for residents.

Investor Resources

Owner Portal

Owner Statements Available Online

Did you know that you can now access your owner statements online?

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